Personal Training

Get 1-on-1 Attention.
for 100% results.

GoTrayne Personal Training gives you FREEDOM. Stick with your trainer and regimen in-studio, at home or out of town on Zoom. Your session can be a WiFI connection and click away.

Personal Training

Your trainer could be miles away, but your goals are getting closer.

Your Goals, Their Plan

Whether you’re trying to bulk up, lose weight, hit that hard yoga pose, or just finally win an arm wrestling contest, you name the goal — your trainer will create a custom fitness plan that targets it, setting achievable milestones so you can track and see your progress and stay motivated.

Makes Everything Better

Personal Training puts your fitness efforts on (metaphorical) steroids. Trainers help you perfect your form, comprehend techniques and feel more in tune with your body. This efficiency and knowledge they bring to the table will stay with you through Group Fitness classes, training on your own and beyond.

For Overachievers

Personal Training is the right choice if you’re ready to turn up the dial. You want one of GoTrayne’s expert independent trainers to help you create a uniquely effective regimen. You want to get EVERYTHING you can out of each workout. With Zoom sessions, you never have to skip a session because you’re out of town or can’t leave the house. Our model is made to be maintained.

...And For Everyone Else Too

No shame in the couch potato game! But personal training will bring the absolute best out of your fitness efforts. That focused attention and those trained eyes on you means there’s nowhere to hide, and nowhere to go but UP. And Zoom sessions mean you can’t cancel because ‘your car battery died!’ The accountability and focus will help guide you and keep you on your fitness journey.

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Personal Training

Find your trainer and book a consultation.

Meet our highly skilled, invite-only trainers on this list. Click on one to learn about their background, personal fitness philosophy, and see snippets of their workouts.

Message them from their page. Scroll to the pricing. Below is a link to send them a message. Tell them what you're looking for and what times work best for you.

Personal Training
Personal Training

Book your PT sessions on our calendar.

Purchase sessions (save money on a 10-pack) and book by heading to the BOOK NOW page and clicking the Personal Training tab. Filter to your trainer and book through MindBody.

Personal Training
Personal Training

Connect in-person or on Zoom.

You'll receive a Zoom link before your session. Click to launch your session and give it your all! If you and your trainer have arranged to meet in person, simply ignore the email.

Personal Training

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