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You can see the full schedule with our Book Now menu option, or jump right to the schedule from any Trainer page. Switch between Classes and Personal Training or use the calendar and filter features to find just what you are looking for! Click to Book or Waitlist and follow the prompts to schedule your class or session!

Cancel the class you are scheduled for and book the class you want to attend to make sure you get the correct link for the new class time. This can be done any time prior to the scheduled class.

Your instructor will mute everyone just as they are about to begin teaching. Your classmates will be able to see you while your video is on but most people in class pin the instructor or use speaker view to make sure all eyes are on the instructor. You always have the option to turn off your microphone or camera but we find most people like the connection available with the camera on! It allows the instructor to see what you’re doing and helps keep you motivated.

An hour before your class is scheduled to begin, you will receive an email from GoTrayne with a button to click to connect to your ZOOM class or session. If you book your class even a minute prior to start time, you will get the email to connect to your class. We do recommend booking a little bit in advance to ensure you get your link on time since sometimes emails are slow!

Classes are recorded automatically by ZOOM when you are in class. We will be using a variety of recorded classes to create our Basic Video On Demand Library. This will be available by subscription and will allow you to access a sampling of all trainers on GoTrayne! For these videos, the instructor is in focus during recordings, not any ZOOM attendees.

Some trainers offer in-person classes in addition to ZOOM sessions and those can also be at the same time! In-person classes will be clearly displayed on our schedule, along with a physical address in the class/session description. Look for “In-Studio” in a class name for in-person and “ZOOM” for virtual.

Given this is an online platform, we recognize not everyone has gym equipment at home! We recommend an assortment of dumbbells for classes, however, substitutes or no weights are always okay. We may offer equipment suggestions in registration notes when you book your classes. Example: Tennis ball or ball of socks! If possible, we also recommend working near a mirror so you can see your form as you follow your trainer.

Most people use speaker view or pin the host to make sure they get the most from their instructor during a workout. Some clients prefer gallery view and are motivated by their classmates and friends. Our trainers will use gallery view as if they are teaching you in a studio!


GoTrayne single class or 10-class packs are available to use with ALL GoTrayne classes and trainers. Trainers also have individual unlimited class subscriptions for their own classes.

You can subscribe to multiple trainers’ classes. To do that you would purchase subscriptions for each specific trainer you want to take unlimited classes with. There currently is no single GoTrayne subscription for all trainers, outside of our 1-week intro offer. This is so we can empower trainers to set their own rates based on their class frequency and experience.

You can cancel your subscription with at least 14 days’ notice prior to your next auto-renew payment date with an email to billing@gotrayne.com, subject ‘Cancel Subscription’.

With GoTrayne and ZOOM, a trainer can take you on vacation with them! ZOOM classes allow a trainer to teach wherever they are. However, when a trainer does take some time off or is sick, another GoTrayne trainer may substitute for them.


A subscription can be canceled within 3 days of purchase. A refund will be prorated based on any classes that were taken in that time. Class packs are non-refundable. Please be aware of the expiration date on class pack purchases.

GoTrayne is for ages 18 years and older.

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